A salon where hair professionals can build healthier, wealthier lifestyles.

At Refinery Salon we offer a guaranteed wage, so either your paid salary based on commission, or a fair hourly wage. What does that mean to you as stylist? It mean you know from week to week how much you will be making and you can have a stable and sustainable budget. 

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Benefits Of Working at Refinery Salon 


Commission based salary

Retirement saving

Refinery salon matches up t0o 2% in a Roth IRA to 2% 

Flexible Schedule

Full or part time

​Day or evenings

Paid Time Off

Vacation time 

Sick days

Full day on your birthday

Advancement Opportunities

Salon Manager 

Social Media

Merchant Parlor Buyer

Education Director 

Artistic Director 

Employee Discounts

Free services & pay to work on other employees 

Product discounts

Family & friend discounts




Education match option 

Growth & Guidance

40+50 new clients a month

Average stylist growth of 52%

Weekly staff meetings covering branding, personal finance. goal setting & social media


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