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Hi, I'm Courtney, 

I love helping people discover their natural beauty. I'm a hometown girl and I still live downtown. I started my training with Aveda years ago, which is where I gained my philosophy in natural beauty and style.  With 4 daughters, 3 of them triplets, I whole heartedly understand why beauty is something that should be easy and effortless.  When someone sits in my chair, it isn’t just the technical side of the service that I enjoy. I also genuinely enjoy interacting with my guests.

I know the salon experience can be intimidating, so I really strive to make you feel comfortable and confident, not only with my skill but also the services and plan we design for you hair. I promise to be a good listener that is honest about what is possible and what I think can help you achieve your goals. Once we have a plan, I will entertain you with my stories, complete with hand motions. I think they're funny. I mean, with 13 year old triplets at home I've got to have a few good ones. Right?

Here's what  you can expect from me.


Do we have similar taste?
Let's find out!

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