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Hey, I'm Taylor


I believe that God has called me to pursue a career as a hairstylist. While my friends and I always enjoyed experimenting with different hair colors and styles, I never considered it as a potential career path. My mother suggested I pray and be certain before discussing it with my dad, but I was already determined. After praying and waiting a while, I shared my decision with him. Even though my dad proposed a college experience along with cosmetology school, I firmly stated, "It's not worth your time or money because I am confident about my calling!" I began my journey that fall and have cherished every moment since.

It's so nice to meet you!

The lord has blessed me through out my career, Im sure I'm where I am suppose to be!


I am passionate about hair coloring and thrive on challenges. My skills include attentive listening and offering sincere feedback. I value uniqueness and take pleasure in helping customers explore their personal style and how they express it to the world. Creating a comfortable environment for my clients is important to me, ensuring they leave feeling even better than when they arrived.


This is a great way to see if we're

Here are a few selections from my musical collection, please check it out.



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