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Our Team

Every stylist in our salon has their own niche, whether it's mastering the Everyday Edge, rocking the Lived-In Look, or owning the Grey Coverage game!

Once you've picked your fabulous stylist (trust us, they're all stars!), it's time to make your move by tapping the link to book online or giving us a ring. Our online booking system books three months into the future, so if your event is further out, just buzz us. Our friendly Concierges are standing by to guide you.

Once you've locked in your spot, expect an email with a Consultation Form if it's your first visit. Fill it out, and your stylist will give it a review along with your booking details. They'll fine-tune your reservation to match your hair dreams and seal the deal on your appointment.


Don't forget to schedule a Client Consultation for your first salon adventure. This will trigger a Digital Consultation Form, prepping your stylist for your visit. Oh, and keep the comment section free of service requests - they cannot be honored!


Looking to shake up your style? Look no further - I've got your back! Let's embark on a journey to discover a trendy look that screams "YOU" while still fitting right into your everyday vibe. I've got a soft spot for micro bangs and mullets, so get ready for some edgy transformations!

I thrive on turning your aspirations into a reality. Transparency is my jam, whether it's discussing prices or bouncing off fresh ideas with you.

Oh, and if you catch me in some quirky situations around the salon, don't fret - I'm the social media wizard of the salon and I’m probably just pulling off some fun stunts. Watch out you may catch me striking poses on the floor or rocking a surprise costume outdoors! 


Taylor, is a Titanium Gold Stylist, holds the Sixth rank in a 6-level system, along with her Salon Manager / Social Media Coordinator duties.

For Taylor's latest looks, check out her Instagram page.

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 Since joining Refinery Salon in 2015, he has made his mark. Tyler's forte lies in colour, evident from his work. He received specialised colour training from Vidal Sassoon in London and various colour systems, showcasing his expertise in creating vibrant fashion colours, ranging from icy whites to warm beachy tones, and natural shades that seamlessly blend. When you entrust Tyler with your hair, rest assured that he can bring your vision to life. "I keep up with the latest trends and love assisting clients in refreshing their look. Fashion Colours are my passion. Bright colors may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you're considering adding some color to your life, I'm the stylist for you!" 
Tyler, is a Titanium stylist, holds the fifth rank in a 6-level system

For Tyler's latest looks check out his Instagram page.

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Tyler Gonski

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Deann's career began as a receptionist in a vibrant salon during high school, where she discovered her passion for hairstyling. Graduating from what our salon considers one of the finest institutions in the area, Kaskaskia College of Cosmetology, she has been dedicated to her clients for 17 years.

Deann excels at quickly grasping her clients' preferences and specializes in highlights, speedy color touch-ups, and cuts tailored for those with busy schedules. Deann's role as a loving wife and mother, as well as her involvement in the local community, speaks volumes about her character. She is not only a talented stylist but also a caring individual who values both her work and her relationships. 

Deann, is a Titanium Stylist, occupies the fourth rank within a 6-level system.

For Deann's latest looks check out her Instagram page.

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Deann Leonard

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Courtney Nelson

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With over 20 years of experience in hairdressing, she takes joy in helping individuals unveil their natural beauty. When someone sits in Courtney’s chair, it isn’t just the technical side of service that she loves, she also genuinely enjoys interaction with her clients. She is warm and always upbeat with a smile on her face for everyone.


"I'm a local girl at heart! My journey began with Aveda, where I embraced the philosophy of natural beauty and style. As a mother of 4 daughters, including triplets, I deeply understand the importance of effortless beauty. Beyond the technical aspects of my service, what I truly relish is the authentic connection I build with my clients when they sit in my chair." 


Courtney, is a Platinum stylist, holds the Third rank in a 6-level system.

For Courtney's latest looks check out her Instagram page.

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Adrian Wille

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 This dedicated and detail-oriented individual has a promising future ahead! Serving as our Merchant Parlor Social Media Coordinator, Adrian has become an indispensable part of Refinery. With a passion for helping others and a strong work ethic, she shines brightly with her vibrant personality. Her talent has caught the attention of many, and her schedule is filling up rapidly. Starting as an intern while still in school, Adrian has blossomed into a skilled stylist.


With her casual fashion sense to her vibrant personality that illuminates every room she enters, it's no surprise that clients are clamoring to book appointments with her. With Adrian, you're not just getting a stylist, you're getting a partner in your journey to look and feel your best. Adrian, a Silver Stylist, holds the first position in a 6-level System.

For Adrian's latest looks check out her Instagram page.

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Hair cutting is Sione’s true passion. Her journey has taken her across the ocean, from the renowned halls of Vidal Sassoon Academy in London to the London School of Barbering. Her precise artistry is centered around adult haircuts. 


She is also our imaginative Buyer and Visual Merchandiser from the Chicago Institute of Design & Merchandising! With her love for funky vibes and whimsical flair, she takes care of our salon's retail needs and making sure our stylists have all the supplies they need to work their magic!


You might spot her scurrying around the salon, counting, rearranging displays, or chatting with clients. Do say Hi when you cross paths!

Sione, is a Gold Stylist, holds the second position in a 6-level System.

If you'd like to get to know Sione better and see some of her latest looks check out her Instagram page.


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Sione LaPointe

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Jaclyn, is the ultimate style shapeshifter, rocking a new look every time you blink! Beyond her sweet and introverted demeanor lies a whole mysterious world hidden behind those captivating eyes. Whether you're bonding over spooky tales, celebrating individuality, or admiring her green thumb, Jaclyn will sweep you off your feet. Specializing in all things blondes, balayage, and textured haircuts. Jaclyn is also our waxing expert, briefly stepping away for further hair removal training. We're thrilled to have her back, sprinkling her hair magic all around!

Jaclyn, is a Gold Stylist, holds the second position in a 6-level System.

For Jaclyn's latest looks check out her Instagram page.

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Jaclyn Rieck

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Amy Stone

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Brace yourself for a hair-raising adventure with this dazzling stylist, graduated from Paul Mitchell The School Wichita, KS. She is ready to sprinkle her bubbly energy throughout your salon experience. Blondes and men's haircuts are her jam! But wait, there's more! Her real talent lies in the way she'll make you feel - like a total knockout or a dapper dude. Her charming service will leave you delighted. Amy is a Gold Stylist, holds the second position in a 6-level system. 

If  you'd like to get to know Amy better and see some of her latest looks check out her Instagram page.


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 After you have booked your first appointment, a Consultation Form with be emailed to you. After you have fill out your form, your stylist will confirm or alter your reservation so it makes the most sense for your hair, based on the information you provided and finally accept your appointment for the services you have reserved.

NOTE: Please book a Client Consultation with your service if this is your first time with this stylist.

This will trigger a Digital Consultation Form to be sent by email for you to fill out

so your stylist can prepare for your visit. 

Please Do Not Add services in comments, these services can Not be honored.

What Happens After You Book?

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